Unequal terms

The phrase Unequal Terms takes me back to high school algebra where we struggled to prove two sides of equality that looked so far apart visually actually evaluated to the same value! Leaving the ideal world of algebra, the real world brings inequality to forefront. Come to think of it, inequality is the reason why this world runs. The natural flow of energy happens from things that have more energy to things that have less and the life is created. Our solar system is a great example of the natural phenomena, Scientists claim that if energy is distributed evenly in the entire universe, this universe will be a dead blob of you don’t know what!

Although this society runs on the flow of energy arising out of inequality, in social context, unequal terms has a very bad connotation. “Every one is equal before law”, “There should be equal opportunity in a just society”. These are not just great ideals but provide a reason for everyone in the society to live with a basic human dignity. As long as the basic safety net of human dignity, freedom and liberty is guaranteed, we need inequality in the society as it makes it diverse and fault-tolerent.It drives the competition resulting in self improvement and progress as a whole.


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